Quality- and environmental policy 


MBLE Lohngurtservice commits itself to follow statutory provisions in the sections of environment protection, safety at work and all current legal requirements acknowledged by this company.

Furthermore, a process-driven and chance-oriented strategy is permanently forwarded by MBLE. Obtaining parameters show up risks and chances, which will be evaluated by MBLE management. The evaluation of arising risiks are basis of ongoing deisional processes required for the company´s strategical policy.

During the whole operating procedure, each employee is obliged to prevent damage of any component. Tape and reel and packaging must be done faultlessly according to specified instructions. In case of detection any defects, relevant superiors or the executive board has to be informed. If preliminary steps couldn't be clarified internal absolutely certain, the customer has to be informed and further procedure has to be adjusted.

Our prime principle is fullest customer satisfaction. Furthermore each employee is obliged to handle all established documents of order processing, quality records and statistical notes absolutely correct. All these information will be evaluated. Corresponding results have to be used in adopting measures improving the IM-system or to educate all employees in preventing possible error pattern or recognising sources of error.

Our second aim is a zero-defect strategy, what is absolutely essential, especially in the automotive industry. We are aware of, that this is a very ambitious aim, because of moving close to achievable limits and ensuring not to overstep tolerable economical bounds.

In the sector of environmental policy, we aspire a steady improvement of operational environment protection and the environmental performance. This involves improving measurable occurances continually. This means the range of energy use and amount of waste for example. Healthiness, industrial safety of our employees and social responsibility for the general public are solidly embedded in our company's goals and is conducted by the executive board. All of us implement responsible-minded the firm's environmental protection measures every day.

Everybody is obliged to inform relevant superiors about identified hazards immediately.



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