We offer you services from a single source

  • competent advice in the wide range of taping technology
  • optimum economical solutions for manual and automatic taping technology
  • advice on our tape & reel services and your tape and reel activities as well
  • assumption all required work when preparing a tool for a brand new tape
  • procuring of special devices or tools for component preparation
  • procuring of tape & reel material
  • quality management, quality assurance and final inspection
  • inspection and monitoring
  • day and night service
  • drop shipment
  • quick deliverytime
  • low and very competitive prices



Services / Products

  • SMD-, radial- and axial-taping
  • Tape and reel service
  • component preparation / packing
  • bake and dry of components
  • vacuum packaging with or without nitrogen filling
  • manual contract packaging
  • assembly operation upon request


We are specialists in taping radial- and SMD-components 

radial- und SMD-components -> MBLE tape and reel service -> components packaged


A remarkable variety of component parts are now handled by us and are part of our standard taping program. Due to our quick respond and immediate actions in the field of developing and producing required new taping tools, even complete new component parts canbe handled within a short period of lead tim.

taping of SMD, radial, axial components







 The inspection and monitoring process will be carried out by special developed inspection devices and vision control systems.


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