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Accessorial services

Accessorial services

Fixing of pick and place pads, spacer, capton pads

Manufacturing and tape & reel of bondpads

Putting component from tape and retaping of SMD and radial components in case of tape damage

Repacking of components from reel into tube or waffle tray

Packing of bulk components into standardized packaging units

Dimensional conformance inspection / measuring microscope

Inspection of dimensional accuracy of components by use of telecentry, transmitted light/bright-field microscope (measuring range up to 90 mm). Measuring work is operated by use of image-guided measuring system. Measurement precision could be guaranteed up to +/- 5 µm. Applicable measuring logs / reports can be compiled.

Selection of components according to specialt test instruction

Separating of PCB panels or other components

Removing of socket, shrinking hose and yellow cable

Fixing of temperature-resisting capton pads

Adimpleating, packing and labeling of sample boxes

Assembly service upon special demand / request

e.g. assembly of stroboscopic lamps

Special packaging and special service upon request

We are prepared for brand new definition of tasks and to invest into latest equipments and tools. We are specialised into jobs, which are too labour-intensive for you, from the sector packaging and assembling. We are a specialist in manual contract packing, therfore we look forward to receive your inquiry for special tasks and extraordinary packagings.

Due to our long-term experience, our flexibility, lean and efficient company structure, we are able to prepare very competitive quotations and we guarantee highest quality and very quick reaction and delivery times.