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 Programme radial taping


• LED 3 mm - 5 mm, pitch 2,5 and 5 mm, reel or Ammopack
• T092 pitch 1,27 and 2,5 mm, reel or Ammopack
• Quartzes with or without insulation plates, reel or Ammopack
• Hall Sensors pitch 1,27 and 2,5 mm, reel or Ammopack
• Tantalum Drops
• Electrolytic Capacitors up to 20 mm diameter
• Cup Capacitors up to pitch 27,5 mm
• 3-leaded other Transistors
• Other Taping in all different screen sizes and component dimensions
• Special Taping


production radial tapingradial taping, tape & reel










Taping of radial components:


bulk material radial

• transistors
• hallsensors
• LED´s
• quartzes
• varistors
• inductors
• contact springs
• cup capacitors
• tantal capacitors
• electrolytic capacitors



Because of the use of automatic and manual taping machines we are always able to quote an optimum of reasonable prices: for industrial scale production as well as for small batch production. Our radial taping capacity covers the complete component range - lead wire screens from 2,5 mm up to 27,5 mm, taping pitch range from 12,7 mm up to 38,1 mm. Of course, we are also able to provide lead wire forming in current bending forms and for lead pitch changes. Taped components can be reeled up or packed into cardboard boxes in zigzag form (Ammopack) in accordance to the DIN EN 60286-2 standards.


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